At the threshold of Zionist renewal and trauma, Palestinian displacement, naturalisation of bodies as to an imposed natural status and commercial genetic modifications - lies the eucalyptus.
Arriving at Israel/Palestine at the 19th century as part of a British colonial trade, embraced at first by Zionist officials as a biotechnological weapon against Malaria, then turning into a tool for displacement as part of the eco-violence applied against Palestinian communities, whilst rewriting Zionist imagination as a site for collective trauma and the production of the New Jew. Recently it was reproduced again in the labs of the Israeli company Futuragene as the first ever genetically modified plant to be commercially planted in Brazil. The eucalyptus has become a site of contradicting pasts and futures.

A speculative look into the modification of different bodies at the production of nature.

our eucalyptus body consists so far of a short queer science-fiction myth, Experiments in Lignifying, a sound piece called left over swamp and a video, eucalyptus cell, gently modified.

It was exhibited on the online residency platform Picnic Collective.

The full digital booklet can be found here.

our eucalyptus body(2020)

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