A sonic play-in-writing that tells the tale of three supersonic barks and a body as they depart from a pair of red lips and travel between different Jewish sonic archives. The play explores the potential of sonic time-travel, the relations between sound and the bodies it resonates with, and the capacity of sound to tell of speculative and potential Jewish pasts that negate the Zionist narration of Judaism in the present. The interactive soundscape of the play is composed out of the abstractions of some of these sonic archives. Their layering is done according to the presence of people and objects in the space that is mapped by a supersonic sensor embedded into two red lips.

originally published as part of the Creative Computing Institute graduate showcase.

Materials for the soundtrack of from one red-lipped to another

Maganuna (Arabic for Insane) by Dana International; HaEima Titkabed (Hebrew for The horror will be honoured) composed by Berry Sakharof and Rea Mochiac lyrics by the Jewish medieval poet Shlomo Ibn Gabirol; Ana Bekoreino (Please in our Readers) by Rea Mochiach and Alon Cohen (containing their field recordings from Yum Kippur’s Selihot chants); archival field recording of a synagogue singing in Baghdad from the 1930’s; several archival broadcasts of the Hebrew speaking station (Kul Yerushalim, Voice of Jerusalem) of the Palestine Broadcasting Service from the 1930’s and 1940’s; field recordings from an iphone attached to my body whilst walking or cycling around Lewisham as well as walking in solidarity in the recent free Palestine demonstrations.

from one red-lipped to another (2021)

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