A physical - digital environment for navigating fragments of fiction set in a speculative world where bodies are made out of sound. A wearable device that constructs the story according to the wearers movements and modulates the soundscape according to the light and the temperature in the space.


“You’re finally here, we were waiting for you.

We’ll have some time to go through it all in details, but perhaps we should start by saying that we’re a technology with a sense for fiction.

To activate us, please wrap us around any part of your body, as long as it’s a part of you that will be able to move and to keep still, which is just a different sort of movement. If possible, please place our palms on your skin.

When you’re done, please press our small button.

Mmm it feels nice feeling you.

Let’s go a little more into the details then.

As we have already told you, we’re a technology with a sense for fiction, or maybe a sensing

technology for the production of different sorts of fiction.

We come from a place that is built from sound and therefore sensed by it. Strange isn’t it? Waves weaved together into the body of a network in a state of emergence. A sonic fiction perhaps.

Today we’re going to generate, you and us, bits from this shared fiction. Narratives that we will construct together - us as sensing and you as being sensed.

Like other stories, this one will be determined by our capacity to be moved. It is according to your bodily movements, and stillness, that our story will unfold. Its music will be shaped by the warmth and light we will experience together.

In simple words – a bit of story will be told, and the next will be decided upon the amount of movement your body has made, we will be in charge of sensing it.

Let’s give it a try.”

a slight movement to either sides (2021)

© Guy Ronen 2023